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C. Sloan
Vice President of EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., and Microsoft MVP

C. Sloan is a principal of EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., a consulting firm. Her past projects include web-based course development, systems for the space shuttle, radiation monitoring of nuclear plants, many medical laboratory instruments and systems, and numerous applications for business, nonprofit organizations, and government. Much of her recent work involves technical writing, web programming, teaching, Rational Rose, Microsoft Access, ASP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Project.

She is co-author of a number of technical papers on computing and systems engineering topics, a contributor to or co-author of a number of books published by Que, on HTML, Java, CGI, and other programming topics, and has served as technical editor or reviewer for other books.

On America OnLine under the name Bliss Sloan ("OneTahiti", "HostCompTahiti", "PCCTahiti"), she is past Host of the Java™ InfoCenter, past Head of the Web University, founder of the Beyond HTML: Advanced Web Programming Topics set of message boards, former Host of the Microsoft Access message boards and chat, and Host in the Computing Channel, writing about the design and development of database-, network-, web-, and Windows®-based systems, serving as a sort of Host-of-last resort on programming-related questions, and reviewing books and software relating to programming and education & reference topics. Ms. Sloan is a five-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft® MVP award for her volunteer work helping programmers online. She also has enjoyed volunteer work in the community.

Locally, Ms. Sloan has served on the curriculum advisory committee of the regional community college in this rural area; in the past she has taught in their Computer Science department, and has trained their staff in web programming subjects.

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